Leadership Team

We are a skilled team of passionate individuals who want
nothing more than to help you build your dream team and
kickass projects.

Octavian Cimpu
CEO & Co-Founder
Drawing on a technical professional background, I am a driven individual, skilled at analyzing, listening and organizing people. On my professional path I found myself to be goal-driven and solution-oriented, which I have successfully paired with my creative side towards pursuing the development of fresh, innovative ideas.
Catalin Craciun
CTO & Co-Founder
Well-anchored in the technical environment of software development, I am an engineer, fanatical about competitive technology advancement. My focus lies on researching methods for meeting the needs of a company as a business through technology.

How it started


An idea was brainstormed on the benches of the Transylvanian University between two best friends.

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Our Tech Stack

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