Our solutions to your business

Codegile works on multiple platforms and proved a range of
services that help you keep your game up
Development ProgramsDevelopment Programs
For Startups, leasing, Remote working
Adobe Experience ManagerAdobe Experience Manager
For Ecommerce, website managing and more
Web DevelopmentWeb Development
Web Design, App Development and Engineering
Mobile DevelopmentMobile Development
High Performance and UX/UI Design
AI DevelopmentAI Development
For Data Analysis and Predictions
IoT DevelopmentIoT Development
Home Automation and Smart Living Solutions

Why Choose Us?

Our company has experienced steady growth since 2013. We feel that acquiring knowledge is the key to stability and consistent success. We not only gain knowledge through traditional channels we also learn as we go. This enables us to quickly modify our process to meet client needs. We work with various industries and adapt our technical and professional skills to exceed client expectations.

Our process

Our abilities in problem-solving, communicating and delivering your product on
, are of top-ties
process 0We do our homework on your product
process 1Choose your developer team in less than 72 hours
process 2Never miss a deadline
process 3Constant communication


CodegileIn-HouseDevelopment Team
Hire Time1-2 weeks2-4 months1-3 months
Recruitment Fees$0$10k-$40k$0
Guaranteed Qualitycolumn 2column 3column 4
Failure RateVery LowLowVery High
Pre-screeningcolumn 2column 3column 4
RetentionVery HighAverageVery Low
ScalabilityUnlimitedLimitedVery Limited
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