Leadership Team

We are a skilled team of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to help you build your dream team and kickass projects.

Positive, Creative, & Accountable

Octavian Cimpu
CEO & Co-Founder

Drawing on a technical professional background, I am a driven individual, skilled at analyzing, listening and organizing people. On my professional path I found myself to be goal-driven and solution-oriented, which I have successfully paired with my creative side towards pursuing the development of fresh, innovative ideas.

Catalin Craciun
CTO & Co-Founder

Well-anchored in the technical environment of software development, I am an engineer, fanatical about competitive technology advancement. My focus lies on researching methods for meeting the needs of a company as a business through technology.

Darlene Vetere

I am a results driven professional with extensive experience in business, product and project management for small, medium and enterprise level companies. I have an International background in SaaS, cloud computing, telecom technologies and non-profit work. It is a pleasure to be working with an intelligent, kind and talented team.

About Us

Codegile was co-founded by two best friends in 2013.  They both shared a passion and respect for state-of-the-art technology.  This passion and respect inspired them to learn how to simplify the process of integrating technological solutions to provide people-friendly products and services.

Our Culture

Our culture supports the agile methodology and precise software coding by carefully listening and collaborating with our clients throughout the planning process. Ultimately, we look to deliver outstanding customer solutions while cultivating long-term partnerships. We look forward to working with you!

– The Codegile Team.

Social Media

web development


We can guide along your digital transformation journey and offer full solutions, from web development to building top-performing apps.

mobile development


We are pioneers in terms of best practices and efficient approaches to deliver state of the art solutions on mobile platforms. Our holistic approach means that your products will stand out from the rest on the market in terms of performance and UI/UX.

artificial intelligence development


At Codegile, we’ve used AI to help businesses exploit their data and compile it in fast processes that can help them capitalize better on opportunities and grow.

internet of things development


In our journey of helping businesses undergo digital transformation, we developed home automation and smart-living solutions, as well as complex custom devices integrated with AI.


Thanks to our proven track record of delivering custom digital solutions, we are able to support businesses in reaching their objectives through digital transformation. We take pride in our team’s agility, dedication and expertise in leveraging new technologies that far exceed coding, with the ultimate goal of delivering true value to our clients.

We are avid technology professionals, driven by a need to explore, challenge and create the most suitable solutions for each stage of our customers’ development. Coding standards, efficient algorithms and design thinking are the languages we speak along with passion for progress.

Let’s make something great together.