Do you DRIVE IT?

Do we drive technology or does technology drive us? We believe that with proper digital expertise, technology can be driven in the right way to help businesses grow. AI helps you capture vast amounts of data that you already have, compile it in fast processes and clean data that can help your business capitalize on opportunities and grow.

At Codegile, we’ve used Artificial intelligence to help businesses understand better their customers’ behaviors, predict product demand, detect malware, etc. We help businesses exploit their data with solutions like Image Recognition (tagging, QR codes, etc.), custom drone Auto-pilots, Sentiment Analysis, Prediction and Data Analysis. We speak Artificial Intelligence and we can help you drive it.







machine learning

Machine Learning

artificial intelligence development

It’s that Simple!

Artificial Intelligence are basically machines that execute tasks ‘smartly’. It applies to both machine and deep learning as well as other techniques to provide solutions to actual problems. Did you know that Google A.I. predicted the results of the WorldCup Championship to an accuracy of 95%? A.I. is used to help predict the weather, by analyzing whether maps and comparing real time data with past history.

At Codegile, we’ve helped clients understand their customers’ attitude & satisfaction, provide support and organize imagery. We have also used AI to help more accurately predict consumer shopping behavior and make smarter suggestions on things they may like. We invite your organization to bring your problems and opportunities, and we’ll explore how to leverage AI to make a meaningful impact.

Why Work With Us

  • Our Success Story is a collection of learning from numerous use cases and solutions implemented worldwide.
  • With an ever-growing client footprint, we understand how to best read and manage raw data, so your business does linger behind the AI technology wave.
  • Dedicated multi – purpose teams are always available to ensure your ‘robots’ are not running low on battery or data!
  • From Software Automation to Machine Learning, you can count on our knowledge and experience to ensure the best suitable technology for your business needs.


We help businesses expand their communication channels through developing apps, introducing modern chats, social channels, video conferencing tools and even IoT devices in single, easy-to-use user interfaces.



We offer development and maintenance on open source payment SDK’s for leading EU payment provider.
By doing that, we fully understand the importance of quality and security when it comes to dealing with payment transactions and much more.



Our experience in banking is primarily focused in mobile applications development.
We have experience with securing money transactions and improving usability by smart identification of transfers, re-bookings, debit operations, secure actions, mobile payments and many other transaction types.

Adobe Experience Manager

We have a proven record of successful project launches on AEM.
We understand Adobe’s plan for the product and can help you focus your own plan for it in parallel.
We can guide you through the complexities of the system smoothly and quickly.


Thanks to our proven track record of delivering custom digital solutions, we are able to support businesses in reaching their objectives through digital transformation. We take pride in our team’s agility, dedication and expertise in leveraging new technologies that far exceed coding, with the ultimate goal of delivering true value to our clients.

We are avid technology professionals, driven by a need to explore, challenge and create the most suitable solutions for each stage of our customers’ development. Coding standards, efficient algorithms and design thinking are the languages we speak along with passion for progress.