Mickaël Pois

Product Manager



MANGOPAY is an online payment technology designed for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and sharing economy businesses.

MANGOPAY takes away the pain of back system payments for growing businesses by embedding white-label technology tailored to each customer that can accept multi-currency payments and pay out automatically.


Client Feedback


"Codegile helps us manage and maintain our SDKs in 6 different programming languages. Their professionalism, expertise and listening allows us to ensure a regular and quality follow-up with our community of developers.  We are very happy to collaborate with them every day!"

R. Digilio

Investor & Founder



Top2 Marketing Corp is a company formed to invest in and launch software solutions. The Anthem Hub was designed to have a local-area business directory for a residential community. The app serves as a place for all relevant business listing information. The app allows businesses to have metrics and analysis to better serve the user community and sharpen their marketing strategy and overall business goals and objectives.


Client Feedback


"Octa and Cata, along with the Codegile team are very talented and professional. They shared our excitement before and after our product was released and gave us sound advice throughout the process. It has been a pleasure working with Codegile!"

Georg Reich

Co-Founder CheckYeti



CheckYeti is the leading online platform and mobile app to search, compare and book winter sports - including ski lessons, snowboard courses and freeride tours. With more than 3,500 offers by certified ski instructors, ski guides and ski schools, CheckYeti enables holidaymakers and mountain enthusiasts to experience winter sports with their ideal guide.


Client Feedback


"With the help of Codegile we developed our Android app from scratch - collaboration went smoothly and they did a very good job."

Ali Rashidifar

CTO and Co-Founder



Zuum provides a seamless and haggle free way to connect shippers with local drivers who are ready to pick up and deliver freight. Zuum can streamline your logistics today. Zuum provides the convenience of all logistics that companies search for by providing a solution to their daily operational issues. Zuum partners with other brokers and trucking companies on an automated platform to bring their customers ultimate efficiency.


Client Feedback


"We had a great experience working with the Codegile team! Our previous developer was not able to deliver in three months what Octavian and his team delivered in 4 weeks. The journey continued with awesome results until our Zuum app was released to Google Play. I highly recommend Octa’s team to anyone who would like to work with a skilfull team of developers!"

Alliance Go



Alliance Go is a paperless ticketing solution for the customers and truck drivers of Alliance Trucking LP. Alliance Trucking is a Texas-based, full-service trucking firm transporting aggregates such as flex base, rock, gravel, concrete, sand, dirt, and soils, asphalt, mulch, trash or construction debris, and other materials. Once approved to work with Alliance Trucking, drivers will be able to bid on desired jobs, complete deliveries, and submit proof of delivery for payment. Approved customers will be able to sign- off on orders, keep track of concurrently running jobs, and sign for deliveries.

Peter Mühlbauer




Frynx is a mobile application that offers a lucrative opportunity for bars, restaurants and pubs by assisting customers to discover their location using simple map feature. A person can search for favorite places with an integrated search function. The bar detail view lets you know when bars open and close, which drinks are available, and provides directions to the location.


Client Feedback


"Our company worked very well with the Codegile team, our collaboration was seamless. Codegile not only developed the app for us but also provided valuable advice on technical questions we had throughout the whole project and even after its completion."




Takes on a trending topic and gives it its own unique twist. Like Periscope and Facebook Live, the app makes it possible for users to stream live videos using their smartphone's camera.

What Ayo does differently - it lets people request a particular type of live stream. Anyone can see what the most popular requests are and deliver a stream that you know people will want to watch.  

Key features include, live streaming of video content, real time chat, reaction system, and add/ find popular requests and streams in your category.





Ribbet proves that powerful photo editing isn't just for pros. Packed with an unprecedented variety of tools, this streamlined editor handles everything from basic edits to professional touch-ups. Hand-picked presets give you vast creative options, and if you want to go deeper, you'll find everything from the clone tool to fine-curve adjustments.

Ribbet is a complete photo editing suite suitable for all levels from beginners to professional photographers. We are constantly adding new functionality, and have just released Grid Collage, over 100 hand-picked fonts with text effects and 19 stunning new filters. Our upcoming versions will include more touch-up effects, the ability to add custom overlays to your photos (i.e. watermarks and custom stickers), a set of beautiful hand-picked stickers, and the ability to apply effects selectively.




Monument is a connected device that helps you to store, organize and view all your photos and videos with zero effort. Monument started as an idea when we were trying to address our own photo and video management needs and problems. Each of us had multiple USB drives full of photos and videos we simply were unable to organize and access whenever we want.

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