In the spirit of progress, everything is interconnected. There is a network around us connecting objects able to collect and exchange data. Real-time data collected can be filtered, processed, improved and automated as to help businesses and individuals achieve their desired business outcomes.

In our journey of helping businesses and individuals undergo digital transformation, we have used IoT ecosystem extensively. We helped companies and individuals control security, utilities, and amenities, gaining complete control on their processes, whilst optimizing on expenses (automating processes while reducing labor costs). We have also worked with medical IoT devices integrated with custom software solutions developed by us. Everything is interconnected and we can make use of it.









internet of things development

A Spider Web Of Your Data!

From warming up your home and lighting up your stairs to completely locking and shutting down your apartment complex, our experience and custom solutions can help you automate your business and understand when and where an issue is happening so you can implement solutions faster.

Our integration with industry-leading protocols helps our clients stay connected in a rapidly converging world of devices and systems.
We strive to build and offer integrated solutions, like ‘Alexa’ or `Google Home`, so you or your customers can enjoy to full extent of home automation and smart living.

Why Work With Us

  • Home Automation and Smart Living solutions
  • Healthcare custom solutions
  • Smart integrated solutions with `Alex` and `GoogleHome`
  • Scalability and High-Availability
  • Ongoing development and maintenance
  • Built by a team that’s capable of planning for the long-term, while executing to deliver value quickly


We help businesses expand their communication channels through developing apps, introducing modern chats, social channels, video conferencing tools and even IoT devices in single, easy-to-use user interfaces.



We offer development and maintenance on open source payment SDK’s for leading EU payment provider.
By doing that, we fully understand the importance of quality and security when it comes to dealing with payment transactions and much more.



Our experience in banking is primarily focused in mobile applications development.
We have experience with securing money transactions and improving usability by smart identification of transfers, re-bookings, debit operations, secure actions, mobile payments and many other transaction types.

Adobe Experience Manager

We have a proven record of successful project launches on AEM.
We understand Adobe’s plan for the product and can help you focus your own plan for it in parallel.
We can guide you through the complexities of the system smoothly and quickly.


Thanks to our proven track record of delivering custom digital solutions, we are able to support businesses in reaching their objectives through digital transformation. We take pride in our team’s agility, dedication and expertise in leveraging new technologies that far exceed coding, with the ultimate goal of delivering true value to our clients.

We are avid technology professionals, driven by a need to explore, challenge and create the most suitable solutions for each stage of our customers’ development. Coding standards, efficient algorithms and design thinking are the languages we speak along with passion for progress.

Let’s make something great together.