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The future is DIGITAL. And you can OWN IT.

We live in a society driven by digital technology and recent trends show that companies’ vision for the future should include digital transformation in order to ensure business growth.

Transformative technologies are emerging. Whether you are new to them, or have already clearly defined your needs in terms of digital development, we can bring our know-how to help you maximize your potential and ensure business growth.

We can guide along your digital transformation journey or offer full solutions, from web design, app development or engineering, to network configuration, security etc. Be it a website, e-shop, hybrid or native app, internal management solution, you name it … we can do it. The future is digital and we can help you own it.

What We Do

  • Project planning and ideation
  • Network architecture and security
  • Website design and development
  • Ongoing development and maintenance

How You Benefit

  • Modern, fast, scalable websites and applications
  • Interoperable with your existing products and tech stack
  • Built by a team that’s capable of planning for the long-term, while executing to deliver value quickly

Cross Device Support

No matter the device your idea works for, we’re ready to provide you and your customers with a friendly and user friendly interface that best fits your app. Desktop, Smart Phone or Tablet, your app is ready for its users with very well documented UI/UX that helps them to reach the expected result. Nowadays, the world shows us how important mobile devices are and how fast the number of the phone or tablet users grows. During the past few years, the main software and marketing channel is mobile. Softia’s engineers are always focused on the cross-device aspect and our softwares always behave properly no matter the screen size.



We help businesses expand their communication channels through developing apps, introducing modern chats, social channels, video conferencing tools and even IoT devices in single, easy-to-use user interfaces.



We offer development and maintenance on open source payment SDK’s for leading EU payment provider.
By doing that, we fully understand the importance of quality and security when it comes to dealing with payment transactions and much more.



Our experience in banking is primarily focused in mobile applications development.
We have experience with securing money transactions and improving usability by smart identification of transfers, re-bookings, debit operations, secure actions, mobile payments and many other transaction types.

Adobe Experience Manager

We have a proven record of successful project launches on AEM.
We understand Adobe’s plan for the product and can help you focus your own plan for it in parallel.
We can guide you through the complexities of the system smoothly and quickly.


Thanks to our proven track record of delivering custom digital solutions, we are able to support businesses in reaching their objectives through digital transformation. We take pride in our team’s agility, dedication and expertise in leveraging new technologies that far exceed coding, with the ultimate goal of delivering true value to our clients.

We are avid technology professionals, driven by a need to explore, challenge and create the most suitable solutions for each stage of our customers’ development. Coding standards, efficient algorithms and design thinking are the languages we speak along with passion for progress.

Let’s make something great together.